The Foundation of RNR Healthcare is Strategic Partnerships and Alliance Ecosystem

Throughout the history, people have concored the world's most complex issues only by joining in teams together. Today, we live in more complex times than ever before, and to stand firm we have established ourselves to work with amongst the best in the world. We respect our partners and we take a leading position in this very tight market space by standing together with our strategic business partners and global allies.

Why us - World Economic Forum - Hero


How a medical product trading company can impact the world?

At our firm, we prioritize product quality delivery to clients through limited global supply chain. Since we are doing business is a very sensitive and imperative industry, our actions and steps we take in business execusion are extremely well measured. We pay close attention to details, everything from production, sourcing and logistics to delivering intact products safely to clients.

We utilize our global network of long-standing relationships to access limited to partners only supply chains through which we get the most trending and demanding products of the current date.

Here is our organizational business layout to overcome challenges of global trade and product shortage.

Public-private cooperation

RNR Healthcare is one of the private trading companies to be selected to collaborate with third world countries on a government level in partnership with Associations of United Nations. RNR Healthcare executive leadership and private relationships has driven the company to not only pursue global business but be involved in philanthropic and discounted activities toward benefiting health of third world countries.

Industry partnerships

RNR Healthcare has partnered with industry leaders in pharmaceutical products and medical equipments to explore and challenge global markets, and provide ultimate access to sustainable and well organized supply chain.

Alliance Ecosystem

Our environment is expanding and evolving, and we understand that constantly competing and developing markets require new and quick solutions. Our clients require diverse eco-systems with proven track record and extenside experience in tackling global trade between different cultures and legal systems. Our business environment is connected between leading enterprises in pharmaceutical and medical industries and as a strong partner driven by big data, RNR Healthcare is able to provide customized and flexible solutions to international clients in very complicated and traditional general trading markets.

Social impact

At RNR Healthcare, we empower United Nations' 17 Goals of Sustainable Development, and we are taking action in third world countries toward healthier lifestyle and improved better living for local communities. RNR Healthcare has donated over 1,000,000 medical equipment products to African countries in 2020 including face masks and nitrile gloves.

We also support and empower non-profit organizations fighting for healthier living. RNR Healthcare has organized numerous events in India to provide education and healthy supplements on maintaining a healthier daily routine. RNR Healthcare has also ran workshops in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Africa in partnership with local government authorities and United Nations.

Diversity and equality

Diversity and equality is a necessity in modern business. Diversity enables us to connect to international audience, understand different cultures and be able to communicate and explain how we can help them. People working at RNR Healthcare are very diverse from different continents. We are inspired by what diversity and equality can bring to our business and we have connected it into our corporate governance.