Pharma & Medical Product Trading

We deliver the most difficult to procure pharmaceuticals and medical equipments. We thrive in shortage markets and we excel in problem solving and facing challenges for clients. We emphases that to access and deliver quality pharmaceutical and medical products especially the ones that are in high demand can be very difficult task for the end client and for any trading company. However, through out strategic partnerships, our firm can proudly state to be one of the unique ones to provide flexibility toward business and secured accessibility to high demand and limited product supply.

We partner with global leading pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturers, producers and distributors to address the disruptive forces impacting pharma and medical trade business including access to global supply chain, procurement, order management, qualoity assurance, logistics and customs duty management. We're always invested in business deals together with our clients and we are working shoulder to shoulder with clients to create mutually successful and long lasting business.


Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries Are Growing at a CARG of 8.6% from 2022 to 2030

How we help our pharma and medical clients

Providing healthcare products has always been our core business activity and our ability to tackle issues in global trade and pharma sectors is our competitive edge that make our business work. Thanks to our strategic partners that we are able to get priority access to the world's most wanted pharma and medical products. Our global trade supply and logistics channels enable us to deliver products to almost any country. We also collaborate with governments and United Nations to enable us to move most required pharma and medical products to third world countries.

We also utilize innovative technologies and big data to run due diligence checks and access industry information on warehousing, logistics, supply chains, deliveries, shipments, importers and exporters. Data helps us to maneuver in global markets and better understand the processing of the demand and supply.

Our clients say that what makes us different is how we integrate business together with clients in close relationships and guide client throughout the entire process step by step during the trade deal. We get involved full hands on in full trade deal management and provide valuable information and analytics to the client directly.

And because we work with industry's leading enterprises, we bring the best team, best tools and services whenever it is required. As an independent pharmaceutical and medical equipment trading company, we serve international clients in all continents.


Our heads

Vicky Ramancha
Global Chief Executive Officer, Pharma & Medical